St Fillan's Primary School and Nursery Class
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Classes 2020-2021

Session 2020-21

Head Teacher B. Bourke
Depute Head Teacher with responsibility for Nursery & P1-3 C.Henderson 
Depute Head Teacher with responsibility for P4-7 G. Hamilton
Principal Teacher B. Gibb
Principal Teacher P. Adams
Principal Teacher K. McAvoy
Primary 1A N. Igoe
Primary 1B S. Coyle
Primary 2B G. McGuinness
Primary 2C M. Cohen
Primary 3A L. Foley
Primary 3B A. Gallacher
Primary 3C/4A S. Webb & M. Cohen
Primary 4B C. Tinney
Primary 4C M. Brennen
Primary 5A K. McAvoy
Primary 5B J. Fairley
Primary 6A/5C E. Paterson
Primary 6B V. Benson
Primary 6C R. Shearer
Primary 7A T. Martin
Primary 7B P. Adams
EAL F. McCall
NCC Teachers

B. Gibb

C. Bark

G. Callaghan 

Clerical Support M. Fraser
  C. Melly
  A. Hughes
 Pupil Support Assistants U. Gallagher
  J. O'Shea
  M. McDermott
  D. Quinn
  C. Craig
  L. Costello
 Janitor J. Brannan
Sub Sections