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December 2019

St. Fillan’s Parent Council, write to you to highlight concerns around parking around the school premises.

The school have engaged in a number of Road Safety initiatives with the Pupil Council, Road Safety Team, Police Scotland, ‘Lollipop’ crossing patrol and parents to highlight issues around road safety on Crompton Avenue and the surrounding streets which incorporate school entrances and exits.

Some of the issues highlighted have been

* Parents /Carers Speeding cryingno

* Driving while using Mobile phones cryingno

* Parking on Zig-Zag linescryingno

* Conducting 3-pt turns / turns in the road.cryingno

* Parking on Keep Clear areascryingno

* Parking on Speed bumpscryingno

* Stopping on Crompton Ave outside the service entrance to drop children at school.cryingno

Police Scotland officers have once again engaged with the school to try to address this issue in order to prevent additional risks to walking children and pedestrians.

Police Scotland have proposed using the surrounding streets a short distance from Crompton Avenue or Kirkwell to reduce risk to the children. It is hoped that changing these habits will provide a safer journey to and from school for all our children.

We acknowledge the parents who do park responsibly and thank them for their co-operation.angelyes