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Welcome to Primary 7b's Web Page. 

Our teacher is Mrs M'Ginness

We hope you like our limericks about school.  


St. Fillan’s is a good place to be,
This is a poem ’bout me,
I go to St. Fillan’s you see.
I wouldn’t say that I’m smart,
Although I think I am, at art.
That was a poem about me.
Gemma Din
It’s definitely the school for me.
The green flag’s flying high,
It’s nearly reaching the sky,
St. Fillan’s, the school for me.
Bronwyn Shields
Today is my first day at school,                   
We must obey the golden rule.
We fill up our trays,
To use every day,
That was my first day at school.
Ross Weir
Today is my first day at school,
It turned out to be very cool.
My teacher was nice,
But my brain felt like rice,
And that was my first day at school.
Nicholas Graham

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